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English-Hindi > quickstep" sentence in Hindi

quickstep in a sentence

21.Cole and Snowdon danced again in the 2008 Christmas special, dancing a quickstep.

22.Loopdans, social foxtrot or quickstep steps, are often danced together in sokkie.

23.The first compulsory dance was the Quickstep and the second was the Paso Doble.

24.8th week : Erica-Theodoris, Stamatis-Efi : Quickstep and Rumba.

25.Mike-Anna : Cha Cha and Quickstep.

26.Cycle times are one of the most significant differences between quickstep and autoclave processing.

27.The dances ranged from Hip-Hop and Salsa, to Tango and Quickstep.

28.He finished in eighth position, the highest-placed Etixx-Quickstep rider.

29.He composed instrumental dance pieces, too : waltzes, quicksteps, quadrilles, schottisches.

30.Doing the quickstep, Grischuk and Platov placed first with eight of the nine judges.

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