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English-Hindi > ramage" sentence in Hindi

ramage in a sentence

31.It is the second of the Ramage ".

32.At Grenada, Ramage gets off to an uneven start with Colonel Wilson.

33.Edward Ramage is listed as a Doctor of Divinity.

34.The 56-year-old Magnuson was riding with Ramage in suburban Toronto.

35.Ramage's sentence expired in July 2014.

36.On 3 October 2014 Ramage again joined Barnsley on a three-month loan.

37.After her death he married Elinore Almond Ramage ( 1892 1963 ) in 1927.

38.Instead of taking up acting as a profession after university, Ramage read law.

39.For his service at CINCPAC, Ramage was awarded the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

40.Pope's Ramage novels depicted naval life in the era of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

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