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English-Hindi > shrivelled" sentence in Hindi

shrivelled in a sentence

21.The Latin specific epithet " scariosa " refers to shrivelled, or thin dry organs.

22.Second, the economic slowdown has brought in its wake apprehensions of shrivelled bonuses, and perhaps paycuts.

23.The parts of meat which are deprived of moisture become dry and shrivelled, appearing " burnt ".

24.The penectomy was not entirely successful and left the penis " a greyish-brown, shrivelled mass ".

25.Panicked, Mateo releases the cowering Warren and runs from the unit, concealing his shrivelled hand in his armpit.

26.It is also widely believed that after his death, Eurystheus's head shrivelled to resemble that of a duckling.

27.As a result, the mice were rejuvenated : Shrivelled testes grew back to normal and the animals regained their fertility.

28.Demand for taxable bond funds also shrivelled, falling to $ 16 million from $ 1.18 billion a week earlier.

29.Each caterpillar will then hibernate in a shrivelled leaf at the base of the plant, usually at the end of July.

30.There is something wonderful about opening that shrivelled spikey green / brown husk and finding a beautiful, shiney smooth conker inside.

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