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English-Hindi > shrivelled" sentence in Hindi

shrivelled in a sentence

31.The fingers and toes are reduced in size, the skin and soft parts covering them are wrinkled, shrivelled and folded.

32.People are no longer willing to pay a premium for the views of experts and rival encyclopedias have shrivelled off the web.

33.Peru's electorate is notoriously unpredictable, and especially so since the country's traditional political parties have shrivelled to almost nothing.

34.Battered by falling stock markets, Winterthurs capital base has shrivelled, requiring Credit Suisse to invest $ 1.1 billion into the unit.

35.This means that the grapes have been individually picked and are shrivelled with noble rot, often to the point of appearing like a raisin.

36.Their large, shrivelled hands resemble a human hand except where the ring and middle fingers would be is a large flipper-like finger.

37.It has a much more shrivelled appearance and paler colour than ordinary jalap, and lacks the small, transverse scars present in the true drug.

38.The roots come to commerce in a dried form, looking shrivelled, and then are ground to a powder, and used for several traditional herbal medicine purposes.

39.In 1731, while the codex was at Ashburnham House with the rest of the collection, it was reduced by fire to a heap of charred and shrivelled leaves.

40.Though Joe is somewhat tolerant of Lou, Brian is decidedly less so, referring to him derisively as " Yoda " ( due to Lou's shrivelled physical appearance ).

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