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English-Hindi > shrivelled

shrivelled meaning in Hindi

shrivelled sentence in Hindi
1.These are more erect, with a dark and shrivelled look.

2.After one song, you feel shrivelled up like a raisin.

3.Or they could be cells that have dried and shrivelled.

4.There is a shrivelled piece of pear, ravaged by fungal bodies.

5.A photograph taken on her return shows a shrivelled, wary face.

6.Older parts are brown and shrivelled, while youngest parts are yellow.

7.Lindsay has shrivelled to about 2, 600 pop.

8.Triploid plants are infertile and show an abortive ovary with a shrivelled appearance.

9.Outside, the gate is watched by a shrivelled old hunchback called Torque.

10.By the time of flowering, the leaves will usually have already shrivelled.

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