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English-Hindi > sluggishness" sentence in Hindi

sluggishness in a sentence

1.Martinez said there were myriad reasons for her early week sluggishness.

2.Still, the job market suggests the sluggishness persisted through November.

3.You could see the sluggishness and disorientation that accompanies a flu.

4.The predictions of sluggishness have affected Colombia's stock markets.

5.The reason Coen gave was continued sluggishness in ads from retailers.

6.This was the latest sign of sluggishness in the labor market.

7.Funding problems have also contributed to the sluggishness of the project.

8.The reasons for Japan's sluggishness are many and complex.

9.The sluggishness is occurring at a sensitive time for the government.

10.Wheat declined on the sluggishness of U . S . exports.

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