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English-Hindi > sluggishness" sentence in Hindi

sluggishness in a sentence

41.The sluggishness of the weather pattern over the Midwest also was a factor.

42.But it has not overcome the long-run sluggishness of the economy.

43.But Saturday Baffert recognized a sluggishness in his horse.

44.But much of corporate America is preparing for a period of sustained sluggishness.

45.We enjoyed solid earnings and strong cash flow despite sluggishness in the economy,

46.It also reported sluggishness in audio visual-related products at overseas subsidiaries.

47.They said the government has failed to solve the problem of administrative sluggishness.

48.Thompson singled out police sluggishness in responding to reported harassment of local Serbs.

49.But observers say the government's own sluggishness is taking its toll.

50.Sluggishness in weekly export sales contributed to the decline.

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