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English-Hindi > sluggishness" sentence in Hindi

sluggishness in a sentence

11.The industry also has been hard hit by global economic sluggishness.

12.Often, that sluggishness really saps some of the joy ."

13.There is a slowness, a sluggishness, an unwillingness to plan,

14.The sluggishness in their last two victories had reasonable explanations.

15.The increase wasn't sufficient to offset earlier sluggishness, however.

16.The sluggishness in Michigan comes amid signs of a slowing national economy.

17.Few industry executives hold Biondi responsible for Viacom's supposed sluggishness.

18.Some of Chrysler's sluggishness stems from aggressive moves by competitors.

19.My guess would be a good portion of sluggishness is priced in.

20.Still, other economic indicators point to sluggishness in manufacturing.

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