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English-Hindi > steading" sentence in Hindi

steading in a sentence

31.In the early 19th century, new farm buildings were built on to the castle, forming a U-plan steading which remains.

32.An activist group called " Take Back Urban Home-steading ( s ), " was started on Facebook on 16 February 2011.

33.Tiffany, spread thin tending to the Chalk and Granny Weatherwax s old steading, employs Geoffrey as a backhouse boy and starts teaching him.

34.It is unclear how steadings are defined; Tiffany has the entire Chalk as a steading, while other witches have only two or three villages.

35.Many bands and performers from the Mudd Club and Club 57 performed, including Bush Tetras, Three Teens Kill Four, Comateens, and Walter Steading.

36."Dungeon Master for Dummies " lists " Steading of the Hill Giant Chief " as one of the ten best classic adventures.

37.The farmhouse at Pitpointie, dated 1883, was built on the site of an earlier steading for George Willsher, a Dundee wine and spirit dealer.

38.The first module, " Steading of the Hill Giant Chief ", takes place in a gigantic wooden fort populated by hill giants and ogres.

39.Liosliath and Arafel later visit Branwyn at the Steading and tell her that she is free to build her own Caer Wiell as this land has left mortal Earth.

40.By tradition, every week the Reverend celebrates a service in the cathedral of a Steading, cycling through Grayson's eighty-two Steadings and beginning again.

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