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English-Hindi > steading

steading meaning in Hindi

steading sentence in Hindi
1.Brotchie's steading facing NE showing the depth of stratigraphy

2.Allanbank Courtyard is a U-planned steading begun c . 1780.

3.The steading is now exclusively residential, and conversion works are ongoing.

4.It is now part of a small development called Scotby Green Steading.

5.The farm steading is mainly original; a cottage is also present.

6.The Coyotes saw Corkum as a veteran role player who would be a steading influence.

7.The most recent building is the agricultural Eastwood Manor Farm Steading, completed in 1860.

8.Steadings are not necessarily passed on to the apprentice of the witch who previously watched over the steading.

9.The neighbouring farm includes Eastwood Manor Farm Steading which is a Grade I listed building built in 1860.

10.The museum is housed in a terraced row of six cottages built in 1793 and one farm steading.

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