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English-Hindi > succubus" sentence in Hindi

succubus in a sentence

11.Gil bests Druaga, but is interrupted by Succubus.

12.Succubus melds with Druaga into a new form, " Ultimate Druaga ".

13.Jagger's lyrics allude to either dalliance with a succubus or Death;

14.It is also revealed that she is a succubus.

15.Meanwhile, Succubus and Genio wreak havoc in two different places in town.

16.The name of the system is a play on the word " succubus ".

17.He again sends Smoke and Succubus after Orphan.

18.Upon seeing the Blue Crystal Rod, Druaga realizes that Gil has defeated Succubus.

19.Kr�d, however, refuses to kiss his Succubus because he still misses Aneka.

20.The counterpart of the succubus is the incubus.

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