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English-Hindi > succubus" sentence in Hindi

succubus in a sentence

31.Nightshade absorbed the Succubus'powers.

32.Sister Teresa offers them shelter, but they become the succubus-nuns'next victims.

33.The succubus points out that the demon has become infatuated with Sarah because of her innocence.

34.However, the trio gets kidnapped by MODOK, interested in Shiklah's succubus powers.

35.She is killed by Neeba when Gremica confronts him and reveals the existence of the Succubus.

36."Succubus " was Franco's first film made entirely outside of Spain.

37.;Delta : A woman with gray, painted skin and bat wings, possibly a succubus.

38.Inside Pikehold Castle, Jeremy discovers that the Lords of Pikehold have become thralls to a succubus.

39.A prominent young succubus named Kia ( Allyson Ames ) loathes the routine of herding sinners to hell.

40.Tim wakes in the real world and continues on his journey without a second thought for the succubus.

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