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English-Hindi > unlovable" sentence in Hindi

unlovable in a sentence

31.On the way to depression & battered w / pessimistic thoughts . . . I am unlovable and a cuckoo,

32.The public may be growing weary of movies about lovable lowlifes when so many of the unlovable ones are loose in the streets.

33.The garden, like a huge gash in the hillside, is unlovable, at least in its not yet fully grown state.

34.Like an unlovable Inspector Clouseau, he managed to bumble his assignment and get caught, sending the administration into a panic of prevarication.

35.The World Series victory of baseball's perennial, lovable losers created a euphoria that helped re-elect unlovable mayor John Lindsey.

36.Young people want love just like everybody else, but they are afraid that this big secret, their HIV, makes them unlovable,

37.The story came about from wanting to take a storybook type approach and have the main character be an " unlovable grumpy guy ."

38."There are people who feel, ` If I get angry, you will stop loving me .'They will be unlovable.

39.Sure, pundits say that the lead character is unlovable and that the relentless focus on Hollywood is too insider-ish to really understand.

40.One thing has changed, though : We're less likely now to call an event an affair, often substituting the unlovable function.

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