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English-Hindi > unlovable" sentence in Hindi

unlovable in a sentence

41.There it languished, unloved and unlovable, until Klein came along last year and plunked down $ 29.9 million to buy it.

42.There were many Danny Kayes-- most of them, sadly, as unlovable as his lilting, mesmerizing screen and stage presence was endearing.

43.To devoted fans of the House that Ruth Built, to those even vaguely acquainted with the unlovable George Steinbrenner, the very idea is heresy.

44.The sadly unlovable " Invincible " will get one good week before sales plummet as word spreads about how mediocre the record actually is.

45.However, the song also has a broader theme; Millard noted in an interview that " All of us have felt unlovable at some point.

46."She's the one anchor of sympathy and empathy that that show had; the rest are unlikable and unlovable in their own ways.

47.Additionally, a number of independent punk bands such as The Apers, The Leftovers, The Manges, and The Unlovables cite Screeching Weasel as influential.

48.From the mind of Dr . Seuss springs the unlovable Grinch who's so nasty he poses as Santa and swipes Christmas from the gentle residents of Whoville.

49.But temptation turns to perplexity when the thought dawns that this is happening only because of Steinbrenner, the unlovable principal owner of the very lovable New York Yankees.

50.It is thought that after Moore's wife, Elizabeth, was badly scarred by smallpox, she refused to leave her room, believing herself ugly and unlovable.

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