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English-Hindi > unlovable

unlovable meaning in Hindi

unlovable sentence in Hindi
1.Poor Dimmesdale is a dour, totally unlovable Puritan prig.

2.Will stop loving me .'They will be unlovable.

3.How do we respond to someone who is genuinely ugly and unlovable?

4.But since when did we not love the unlovable in this country?

5.The belief that we are unlovable seems to be prevalent.

6.I know that does not mean I am unlovable.

7.Bodie and Doyle were hard, gritty and unlovable.

8.He had never been loved and became unlovable.

9.Walter Matthau was so unlovable he was irresistible.

10.People with depression often view themselves as unlovable, helpless, doomed or deficient.

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