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English-Hindi > wader" sentence in Hindi

wader in a sentence

31.It also sees an annual congregation of numerous wader species.

32.As I left the water, my waders were covered with grass shrimp.

33.They had no vests, no hats, no sunglasses and no waders.

34.Wearing hip waders, they forded the shallow river to the opposite shore.

35.The water lapped over the top of my waders.

36.Over 150, 000 winter waders use the marshes.

37.Seabird migration is similar in pattern to those of the waders and waterfowl.

38.Like most waders, they feed on small invertebrates.

39.Two other waders can be confused with the ruff.

40.She had donned chest high hip waders during rehearsal to protect her costume.

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