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English-Hindi > wader" sentence in Hindi

wader in a sentence

41.The MOD beach is a great spot for watching Brent geese and waders.

42.The thick-knees are a group of waders in the family Burhinidae.

43.The Magellanic plover is a rare wader found only in southernmost South America.

44.The crab-plover is related to the waders.

45.The intertidal areas support large numbers of migratory waders.

46.The mudflats provide important feeding habitat for migratory waders.

47.The western is a pointed doorway while the eastern is a wader gateway.

48.The marshes are an important habitat for breeding waders.

49.The temperature was still well into the 90s as I slipped on my waders.

50.Some people get fancy and wear hip waders.

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