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English-Hindi > wader

wader meaning in Hindi

wader sentence in Hindi
1.We dress in layers with capiline underwear under our neoprene waders.

2.Even with chest waders, the chill was numbing at times.

3.Waders are nice, but rubber and neoprene are old school.

4.Numerous big aviaries show waders, herons and many other species.

5.Skuas are related to gulls, waders, auks and skimmers.

6.The bay boasts the highest diversity of migratory waders in Australia.

7.Migrant waders and whimbrels can also be found in the grassland.

8.The jacanas are a group of waders in the family Jacanidae.

9.They have short legs and long wings and are herbivorous waders.

10.Stepping off the curb was all but impossible without hip-waders.

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any of many long-legged birds that wade in water in search of food
Synonyms: wading bird,

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