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English-Hindi > waffler" sentence in Hindi

waffler in a sentence

11."He became a waffler himself, " said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute of Public Opinion.

12.That, in turn, caused the more conservative pundits and business people in the city to label the mayor a waffler.

13.Spoon out 1 / 2 cup batter ( or the amount recommended by your waffler's manufacturer ) onto hot iron.

14.The very unpopularity of the move undercut the image of him as a waffler, created in his first two years as president.

15.An accomplished waffler, the president had already stolen everything that was politically useful from the Republicans, and denounced the rest as extreme.

16.They said they were strong Clinton supporters, " even though he's been a waffler on things like welfare reform,"

17.If the conservative assault on Kerry as a waffler has been effective, it's in part because it contains a degree of truth.

18.Another is that the best way to avoid being cast as a waffler is to hew to some fixed principle-- like the assault weapon ban.

19.Yet the very fact that Democrats have tried to portray Bush as both foolishly consistent and a waffler seems to have prevented either argument from taking hold.

20.Don't try to tell King that Bill Clinton, who made 1992 campaign commitments to Northern Ireland peace, is a foreign policy waffler as President.

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