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English-Hindi > waffler" sentence in Hindi

waffler in a sentence

31.What the reversal on Ms . Myers has mainly accomplished, besides reinforcing the president's image as a waffler, is to destroy the credibility of the latest White House savior, Panetta.

32.Although a sizeable portion of the American public shares the GOP view that President Clinton is weak, a waffler, a man with no core beliefs, there is considerable evidence to the contrary:

33.At St . Louis University on Wednesday morning, he lambasted President Clinton as " liberal, liberal, liberal, " after spending weeks portraying him as a waffler without real convictions.

34.It's unfair to call me a waffler just because I've changed my mind lately and now oppose the most extreme aspects of anti-abortionism and of protecting the tobacco industry.

35.The fact is that the workplace is populated with weirdos, whiners, inveterate wafflers and other people who don't think or act in ways that we find easy to get along with.

36.En route to Seattle's Boeing Field during the last days of the Democrats'disastrous 1994 campaign, Clinton could not get over polls showing that voters viewed him as unprincipled and a waffler.

37.Katie Simenson, 41, a massage therapist, accused the Democratic ticket of letting Republicans suggest that Edwards had taken frivolous cases as a lawyer and that Kerry was a waffler and soft on defense.

38.WASHINGTON _ In the three years since a newly elected Bill Clinton strolled through a black business district in the nation's capital, his poll ratings have slipped and his reputation as a waffler has grown.

39.Tully-Waffler said military search-and-rescue teams were sent to the crash site after a resident of Summer Beaver, the flight's destination, notified Wasaya Airways that the aircraft was late arriving.

40.Republicans, encouraged by recent polls that show Kerry losing some ground to Bush in areas such as leadership and national security, pressed their monthslong efforts to portray him as weak on national defense and as a waffler.

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