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English-Hindi > waffler" sentence in Hindi

waffler in a sentence

21.Ever since 1992, when he was perceived as a waffler at best and a liar at worst, he has never represented the best of the presidential tradition.

22.He said Dole was " a little extreme, a little harsh on the environment " but added that he considers Clinton " a waffler ."

23.Asked about recent attack advertisements painting him as a waffler, Kerry grew indignant, calling the charge " standard Republican playbook " and tossing it back at his opponent.

24.Heavier is usually better; most of the experts rate the sturdy, compact irons by Vitantonio-- which even makes a Texas-shape waffler-- as superior.

25.Fear of being called a waffler made Kerry and his advisers reluctant to criticize Bush on Iraq until the dip in polls shook them out of their slumber, aides said.

26.Clinton, too, helped himself by sounding distinctly presidential, thoughtful in explaining his positions and much more comfortable as chief executive than his image as a policy waffler would indicate.

27.If it's waffling to spend some time contemplating an issue and then taking a position you are comfortable with, well, we could use more wafflers in public office.

28.He has mocked " Newt the slasher, Bill the waffler, and Jesse ( Helms ) the crank " as " white men who make black people uneasy ."

29.He said the issue makes Bush look strong on counterterrorism and Kerry look like a " waffler, " because the Democrat voted for the Patriot Act and then criticized it in the primaries.

30.U . S . business leaders on Wednesday extolled President Clinton for his salvaged Mexico rescue plan, calling it a bold and decisive move that contrasts sharply with his image as a waffler.

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