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English-Hindi > weeknight" sentence in Hindi

weeknight in a sentence

11.It also includes tips and tricks for entertaining and weeknight dining.

12.The programme was hosted on weeknights by Sunday presenter Miriama Kamo.

13.He hosted the " Newshour " show every weeknight.

14.Telemundo says that about 1 million people tuned in each weeknight.

15.It started airing weeknights on August 25, 2015 on Univision.

16.It carries Democracy Now ! from Pacifica Radio weeknights at 5p.

17.Smith's wife, Kimberly Hunt, anchors the weeknight news.

18.The program will air weeknights at 7 for a month starting Monday.

19.It's almost 8 p . m . on a weeknight.

20.Accomplishing one chore each weeknight is also part of her shortcut list.

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