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English-Hindi > weeknight" sentence in Hindi

weeknight in a sentence

41.The episodes were played at 2 a . m . on weeknights.

42.Livinia Nixon presents the weather on weeknights and Justine Conway on weekends.

43.WNEP already aired local news at that time on weeknights.

44.The program aired 6 : 30 weeknights for 30 mins.

45.RNZ National's weeknight evening programme focuses on ideas and music.

46.Nights ( weeknights 7pm-12am ) are presented by Angelina Boyd.

47.Weather is presented by Scherri-Lee Biggs on weeknights.

48.Weeknights at 8, there was a prime time movie.

49.Their show also airs on weeknights, Monday through Thursday.

50.Programming from MyNetworkTV airs weeknights from 10 pm until midnight.

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