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English-Hindi > weeknight" sentence in Hindi

weeknight in a sentence

21.Put strict limits on TV and video games on weeknights.

22.11 : 30 p . m . ET weeknights on Fox

23.And it's on every weeknight, no less.

24.I do a party each weeknight and two on Saturday.

25.Each weeknight the network is presenting exclusive daily updates along the route.

26.Summer rates : $ 79 weeknights, $ 104 weekends.

27.Lee Klein, KXTA 1150 weeknights : We respectfully decline.

28.They practice on weeknights in public parks and schoolyards, behind churches.

29.He stays up late at weeknight concerts in crowded, smoky clubs.

30.They convinced Melissa to prepare weeknight family meals in exchange for money.

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