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English-Hindi > yachtsman" sentence in Hindi

yachtsman in a sentence

11.She is owned and skippered by an Australian yachtsman Alex Whitworth.

12.Klein was also Rolex yachtsman of the year in 1989.

13.And last month, he was named Rolex Yachtsman of the Year.

14.The race has attracted other world-class yachtsmen too.

15."I'm not a yachtsman,"

16.We need tourists, divers and yachtsmen to help us,

17.He notes that Chinese yachtsmen have competed in six Olympics without winning.

18.Taylor was a skilled yachtsman and deep-sea fisherman.

19.Packer was a keen yachtsman, boxer, golfer and polo player.

20.He was a keen yachtsman, and wrote several books on sailing.

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