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English-Hindi > yachtsman" sentence in Hindi

yachtsman in a sentence

31.Gosson later found fame as a round-the-world yachtsman.

32.The quadrennial competition has tested the mettle of scores of yachtsmen before Scully.

33.He was voted yachtsman of the year in 1966.

34.Roger Badham, a professional forecaster for yachtsmen, told Reuters on Tuesday.

35.Maybe it was because this cruise was called the Yachtsman's Caribbean.

36.That said, Cayard still remains a competitive yachtsman.

37.He was a skilled yachtsman and deep sea fisherman.

38.Three yachtsmen already have been rescued during the race.

39.An explorer and a yachtsman, he went through two or three airplanes.

40.A keen yachtsman, he died in post at the age of 73.

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