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English-Hindi > yachtsman" sentence in Hindi

yachtsman in a sentence

41.Either I am a vandal or Yachtsman is rude or both or neither.

42.Hall was a yachtsman, and on the outbreak of the River Seine.

43.James Milson Jnr was a prominent figure among yachtsmen from the early 1830s.

44.Championship yachtsman Kaines Adlard Coles founded his own nautical publishing company in 1947.

45.Scott was also a keen yachtsman and marine designer.

46.He was an enthusiastic rower, swimmer and yachtsman.

47.He was also a keen yachtsman and belonged to the Royal Yacht Squadron.

48.He was also a keen golfer, yachtsman and big-game hunter.

49.Yachtsman Dennis Connor asked him to create two works for the 1992 Americas Cup.

50.It was a new and significant alliance between the two yachtsmen from New England.

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