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English-Hindi > yakuza" sentence in Hindi

yakuza in a sentence

11.His eldest son, Yoshiyuki Takayama, is also a yakuza.

12.Critical reception to " Yakuza " has been positive.

13.To mimic their yakuza counterparts, they used large black sedans.

14.Right now we are focusing on the release of Yakuza 3.

15.The inheritor tells Ichi that the yakuza have taken Tane hostage.

16.The yakuza found other ways to get money as well.

17.They included, reportedly, the Yakuza-- the Japanese mob.

18.Reports about bank links with the Yakuza have surfaced in the past.

19.Kodama used his yakuza connections to support Japan's conservative rulers.

20.Gonin : Five Japanese guys join forces to take on yakuza mobsters.

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