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English-Hindi > yakuza" sentence in Hindi

yakuza in a sentence

41.Is a Japanese Yakuza Zombie movie directed by Atsushi Muroga.

42.Eventually, they reach the yakuza's hiding place.

43.But as the wedding takes place, Yakuza ninjas attack her wedding.

44.She is even shown to have influence over Yakuza gangsters.

45.This divergence in the timestream resulted in the world of Yakuza Girl.

46.:Maybe following threads from our Yakuza article will help.

47.The company was later destroyed by members of the Kykshk Yakuza Clan.

48.The series primarily focus on the " yakuza"

49.After fighting off more Yakuza on a Minister of Justice Noburo Mori.

50.He always has a displeased, almost yakuza look on his face.

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