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English-Hindi > yakuza" sentence in Hindi

yakuza in a sentence

21.Reikichi Sumiya, a journalist and yakuza expert, said.

22.Or you might decide to be a feared, bloodthirsty Yakuza assassin.

23.Yakuza members also frequently adorn their bodies with flamboyant tattoos.

24.However, after the war, the yakuza adapted again.

25.There is much evidence of yakuza involvement in international crime.

26.Brazilian mercenaries have been hired by Yakuza over the years.

27.Like Kozakura, the main criminal organization was the Yakuza.

28.This attack led to a government crackdown on the yakuza.

29.This is an inexcusable intrusion by Ken in yakuza affairs.

30.Kitano then happens to pick up a gun at a yakuza quarrel.

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