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English-Hindi > zags" sentence in Hindi

zags in a sentence

11."Zag when the world zigs ", BUSINESS INDIA

12.They are attached using " double zig-zag " welds.

13.The Zig-Zag Chair was designed by Rietveld in 1934.

14.Triangular, zig zag and crescents were also present as decoration.

15.A general maneuver tactic against submarines is a zig-zag.

16.:The zig-zag applies to pedestrian crossings in general.

17.The polysulfide anions adopt zig-zag chains of sulfur atoms.

18.The 1930 addition was constructed in Zig Zag Art Deco Style.

19.It is Zig Zag Productions'first children's series.

20.Realize it's fine line between zig-zag and stagger.

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