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English-Hindi > zags" sentence in Hindi

zags in a sentence

41.The first is " Zig Zag " stepping ( dragon stepping ).

42.Zig-zag lines are used on both ends of zebra crossings.

43.A new route was created in 1892 to avoid the Zig Zag.

44.Wat u gisteren zag was enkel een smaak van wat moet komen.

45.Zig and Zag arrived from the Planet Zog hoping to collect jokes.

46.The highway follows a zig zag alignment and thus avoids any tunnels.

47.Jacket Identification : The zig-zag pattern is a common design.

48.The wings are white with red-brown zig-zag lines.

49.The forewings are marked in a zig-zag pattern.

50.The Zags then travelled to play San Diego at home 81 50.

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