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English-Hindi > zags" sentence in Hindi

zags in a sentence

31.Give Bender credit for a willingness to schedule the Zags every year.

32.It was sporty, a zig-zag roof throughout.

33.The second gave the Zags their first lead, 25-24.

34.ZIFF ZAGS : Oh, how the Internet complicates everything.

35.Would he not zig when we expect him to zag?

36.Still, that's the highest the Zags have been seeded.

37.When the Zags need a big shot, Dickau delivers.

38.The Zags have the heart of big-time winners.

39.It would look like we were making a zig-zag policy,

40.The zig-zag lines in the arms symbolize both the industries.

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