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English-Hindi > zamboni" sentence in Hindi

zamboni in a sentence

1.Bertagna had heard the methodical moan of the Zamboni seven times.

2.One was the man driving the Zamboni to resurface the ice.

3.The motorcade through the streets of Toronto will include the Zambonis.

4.It remained there until the Zambonis swept the ice between periods.

5.Zamboni & Co . began and is still headquartered in Paramount.

6.The Model B was the next ice resurfacer made by Zamboni.

7.This restructuring focuses the Zamboni more on digital and multimedia content.

8.Zamboni left Thessaloniki on 18 June 1943 to return to Rome.

9.The arena has two Zamboni's to maintain the ice.

10.Is the Zamboni-drivers'union really that strong?

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