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English-Hindi > zamboni" sentence in Hindi

zamboni in a sentence

41.The Girls pushed the buckets back to Zamboni Alley.

42.Levitt also said he did not learn the definition of Zamboni until recently.

43.The machine is a Zamboni, not a bulldozer.

44.One form of dry pile is the Zamboni pile.

45.Frank Joseph Zamboni Jr . is the inventor of the ice resurfacing machine.

46.In 1939, Zamboni created the Iceland Skating Rink in Paramount, California.

47.The Zamboni ice-resurfacer was patented in 1953.

48.Fire up the Zamboni and drop the puck.

49.Haul out the Zamboni and drop the puck.

50._Unreal : Boris Yeltsin tries to mow the skaters down with the Zamboni.

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