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English-Hindi > zamboni" sentence in Hindi

zamboni in a sentence

31.Zamboni's first published research was neither comparison group.

32.Hey, give the guy a break _ he was driving a Zamboni.

33.Zamboni, whose grandfather invented the machine in 1948, understands the wonder.

34.Yeah, it was one of those off-the-Zamboni plays,

35.We next see the pair idling down the street atop a Zamboni machine.

36.Unfortunately, Zamboni racing does not seem to have its own Web site.

37.They had the Zamboni in front of his house.

38.The Makin'Ice page has a schematic showing how a Zamboni works.

39.I sat on a real Zamboni without feeling violated.

40.Ice dancing : Zamboni hit-and-runs.

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