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blowing down sentence in Hindi

"blowing down" meaning in Hindiblowing down in a sentence
  • That's when black-masked NATO troops swept into the village, blowing down doors and lifting carpets in their search for Karadzic.
  • The name is derived from the wind blowing down structures erected by the military during highway construction in 1942 43.
  • On an algebraic surface, blowing down a curve lying on the surface is a typical effect of a birational transformation.
  • Downtown Crossing is like a ghost town after 7 p . m ., with paper tumbleweeds blowing down Washington Street.
  • When he left for the return trip to Utah the next day, a snowstorm was blowing down from the mountains.
  • After blowing down the doors, the Guard rushed in and killed a majority of those inside with automatic weapons fire.
  • But by then, he was deeply in a groove and closed the game out by blowing down Shawon Dunston on strikes.
  • On the other hand, areas downwind of mountain ranges are typically dry, owing to prevailing winds blowing down the sloping terrain.
  • You could test that simply by actrivating the on switch and blowing down the hole ( keetle empty and disconnected ).
  • The " classrooms " were outdoors in the dirt, with teachers doing lessons behind blackboards that kept blowing down in the dirt.
  • To overcome the problem, hot mineral concentrated water was deliberately wasted ( blowing down ) from the boiler from time to time.
  • Bush stayed in the stadium for hours Friday night, usually behind glass, but open to the chill wind blowing down the Wasatch Range.
  • Two bounced off his windshield, and his car was blown off the road and into a front yard, where trees were blowing down.
  • The new box office's entrance was directly in the path of winds blowing down from the mountain, making it especially cold in winter.
  • This evening the officers resorted to dynamite and succeeded in blowing down a part of the cabin and setting fire to the remainder.
  • In Lagos, under a sky made hazy by the harmattan winds that have been blowing down sands from the Sahara, voting appeared largely peaceful.
  • The yearly Harmattan wind blowing down from the Sahara has coated the town in a fine dust, leaving everything covered in shades of brown.
  • His Excellency was hours late ( for some reason or other ) and the strong sea breeze kept blowing down the curtain covering the plaque.
  • The storm packed winds of 100 kilometers ( 60 miles ) per hour, blinding drivers, blowing down trees and billboards, and briefly shutting Cairo's airport.
  • Feeling insulted, the Wolf retaliates by blowing down the straw house, forcing the pigs to go to the Dew Drop Inn, the House of Sticks.
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