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damask sentence in Hindi

"damask" meaning in Hindi
  • Damask gets annoyed by Dani and kills her, enjoying her death.
  • The walls covered with red damask and devoted to pictures.
  • The doublet of green damask, and the mantle of top crimson.
  • In his teens he worked with his father as a damask designer.
  • Cushions covered in vintage damasks and velvets bedeck the bed and chaise longue.
  • So we decided that our style would be damask and lots of it.
  • Instead of chintz or damask, expect canvas or plush and solid colors.
  • Clear, delicate blues pair well with formal fabrics like silk and damask.
  • But there are inklings of change amid the damask.
  • Damask / BBDO will announce its plan later when Vinit returns to Bangkok.
  • Women hung their finest damask tablecloths from balcony railings.
  • White damask drapes were made with blue and off-white fringe trim.
  • Little is known about Damask before her first appearance.
  • Damask also kisses Nightcrawler, curious if his skin does feel like velvet.
  • Its gold-toned walls bear damasks from Italy.
  • Handsome old hotel silver is at hand and the napkin is of pink damask.
  • Kennedy Morgantown crystal and gold vermeil flatware was set on terra cotta damask tablecloths.
  • Chairs are high-backed, cushioned, and upholstered in a swirling damask.
  • From Macy's : Ivory damask cloth ( $ 39.99 ).
  • -Fabrics : Leather, velvet, organza, damask, faux animal prints.
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