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frons sentence in Hindi

"frons" meaning in Hindi
  • There is one orbital bristle on each side of the frons ( Shtakel'berg ] ( 0 2 pairs of frontal bristles ).
  • In November 2007, Deborah Blackwell stepped down as general manager of the channel with then-ABC Daytime president Brian Frons assuming her duties.
  • Then president of ABC Daytime, Brian Frons admitted that he would love to have Brown back, but did not want to lose Braun.
  • Fan response to the Bianca and Maggie romance was mostly positive, and the arc worked towards the goals of realism Frons wanted to convey.
  • As well, Scamozzi abandoned completely the elaborate and classically inspired scaenae frons that in many ways is the defining feature of the Teatro Olimpico.
  • The clypeus is a sclerite between the face and labrum, which is dorsally separated from the frons by the frontoclypeal suture in primitive insects.
  • The " scaenae frons " had three semicircular exedras and decorated by two orders of columns, with bases and capitals in Mula.
  • However, the elaborate scaenae frons is absent in Sabbioneta, and only a single perspective view, along a single street, is employed onstage.
  • The building itself was a part of a multi-use complex that included a large quadriporticus directly behind the " Scaenae frons ."
  • The narrow frons on the male distinguishes it from other common species such as " Lucilia cuprina " and " Lucilia sericata ".
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