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lacewing sentence in Hindi

"lacewing" meaning in Hindilacewing in a sentence
  • It also recorded nine predatory insects, including ladybird beetles, moths, a green lacewing.
  • The ladybug, green lacewing, praying mantis and a tiny parasitic wasp make fine garden neighbors.
  • The first Cinnamon Ino was produced in late 1979 and was identical in appearance to a Lacewing.
  • Predators include midges, lacewings, syrphid fly larvae, anthocorid bugs and ladybirds ( ladybeetles ).
  • The green lacewings vary in length from about one-half to three-quarters of an inch.
  • The most common soldiers are ladybugs, trichogramma wasps, green lacewings, praying mantises and beneficial nematodes.
  • Of these, only the Dilaridae and Chrysopidae seem to be reasonably close relatives of the brown lacewings.
  • The "'Hemerobiiformia "'are a suborder of lacewing insects in the order Neuroptera.
  • Lacewings are often seen flitting about plants in relatively open areas and if touched give off an unpleasant odor.
  • By understanding the basic biology of lacewing dormancy, the Taubers devised a way to induce dormancy at will.
  • Los Angeles city parks and public works officials are deploying ladybugs and lacewing larvae to feed on the pests.
  • Green lacewings can be encouraged by using plastic bottles with an open bottom and a roll of cardboard inside.
  • They prey mostly on beetles, but also plant-sucking flies, flying termites, moths and lacewings.
  • They hunt for insects such as : small moths, beetles, flies, lacewings, bees and wasps.
  • Ultrasound causes flying lacewings to fold their wings and drop, an effective maneuver for evading capture by bats.
  • Tansy is popular with aphids, but aphids are a favorite menu item of ladybugs, lacewings and good flies.
  • Instead of using insecticides, they plant alfalfa beds next to their fields to lure bug-eaters like lacewings.
  • Other farm-friendly bugs _ like the green lacewings _ fall to the ground when they hear bat echolocations.
  • Chemical pesticides and the delicate green lacewing are farmers'friends when it comes to controlling crop-eating bugs.
  • EPA currently requires genetically altered crops to be tested on ladybird beetles, wasps, honeybees and the green lacewing.
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