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layer control sentence in Hindi

"layer control" meaning in Hindi
  • The then-new technology of boundary layer control ( BLC ) was studied extensively and a fully'blown'wing was adopted, significantly improving low-speed performance crucial to effective carrier operations.
  • Blown flaps are one solution among a broader category known as powered lift, which also includes various boundary layer control systems, systems using directed circulation control wings.
  • While the most obvious change from the original XC-123A was the switch of engines, the YC-123D also had a Boundary layer control ( BLC ) system fitted.
  • No further orders were forthcoming and the four Tu-110B's were used for experimental work on avionics, missile systems and boundary layer control systems, remaining active into the 1970s.
  • Express provides much of the same functionality as Autodesk SketchBook Pro, but does not include custom brush textures ( imported or drawn ), layer controls, symmetric brushes or guide lines.
  • In order to dramatically improve aerodynamic performance at slow speeds, such as during take-off and landing, Blackburn adopted a new aerodynamic control technology, known as boundary layer control ( BLC ).
  • However, the simultaneous West German requirement for a new fighter had led by 1979 to the development of the TKF-90 concept . a form of boundary layer control, they agreed with the overall configuration.
  • The sole prototype was converted into the piston-powered "'Stroukoff YC-123D "'to evaulate boundary layer control systems; following the conclusion of testing, it was sold onto the civilian market, and still exists, having been converted to turboprop power.
  • Version 10 was released in June 2009 . The primary enhancements included a more intuitive user interface, including a rewritten Layer Control dialog box, compatibility with PostGIS and a PDF generator that supports both Layered and georeference PDF files.
  • The Commuter 110 had a wing area of, large for its span, and controllable air entrance slots ( " Vacua-Jets " ) under the lower surface near its leading edge, passing air to the upper surface for boundary layer control.
  • The "'Bede XBD-2 "'was an experimental short takeoff and landing ( STOL ) aircraft, with several novel features such as structural use of glass-fibre and aluminium honeycomb, a suction boundary layer control ( BLC ) system and fuselage-mounted twin engines driving a pusher configuration, shrouded single propeller.
  • ;An-12U : ( " Oopravleniye [ Pogranichnym sloyem " ]  BLC ) In 1962 a BLC ( boundary layer control ) version of the An-12 was projected with simple flaps replacing the double-slotted Fowler flaps and compressed air supplied by two DK1-26 compressors in underwing pods.
  • The software framework MASSiVE ( " Multi-layer Architecture for Semi-autonomous Service robots with Verified task Execution " ) is a special kind of hybrid multi-layer control architecture which is tailored to the requirements of semi-autonomous and distributed systems, like the care-providing robot FRIEND, acting in environments with distributed smart components.
  • When folks talk about the same stuff in ATM they wisely use a three-dimensional view like this which acknowledges the reality that for each layer there is an in-layer control plane sending management traffic along side the normal " user " traffic of that layer .-- Talk 12 : 37, 11 May 2012 ( UTC)
  • From the 1940s through the 1990s, Ames scientists and engineers demonstrated excellence in flight research in many areas including variable stability aircraft, guidance and control displays, boundary-layer control, vertical and short takeoff and landing aircraft, and rotorcraft . Ames developed the swept wing design and the conical camber, now considered in the design of every supersonic aircraft.
  • ;An-12D-UPS : ( " Oopravleniye Pogranichnym Sloyem "  BLC [ boundary layer control ] ) A BLC variant of the proposed An-12D, with two turbo-compressors above the centre of the wing section, feeding compressed air to the slots on the wing, and a third in the fin fillet feeding compressed air to slots on the tail surfaces.
  • For external flow tunnels various systems are used to compensate for the effect of the boundary layer on the road surface, including systems of moving belts under each wheel and the body of the car ( 5 or 7 belt systems ) or one large belt under the entire car, or other methods of boundary layer control such as scoops or perforations to suck it away.
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