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leyden jar sentence in Hindi

"leyden jar" meaning in Hindi
  • Crosse first started experimenting with electricity during his time in the sixth form, when he built a Leyden jar.
  • Franklin experimented not only with the electrostatic machine with the glass globe, but with the Leyden jar as well.
  • Franklin designed a " dissectible " Leyden jar " ( right ) ", which was widely used in demonstrations.
  • It can charge a Leyden jar to many thousands of volts and electrify small objects hung from silk threads.
  • Benjamin Franklin, for example, used a Leyden jar to store electricity from lightning in his famous kite experiment in 1752.
  • Each time the clappers touch a bell, charge is transferred between the inner and outer surfaces of the Leyden jar.
  • Braun's circuit afforded a much longer sustained oscillation because the energy encountered less losses swinging between coil and Leyden Jars.
  • Braun's circuit afforded a much longer sustained oscillation because the energy encountered less loss swinging between coil and Leyden Jars.
  • Dunkin constructed for himself an electrical machine, voltaic piles, and Leyden jars, and made models illustrative of the principles of mechanics.
  • The Leyden jar was the first means of storing an electric charge which then could be discharged at the experimenter's will.
  • While the survivors are exploring ancient ruins, looking for a replacement leyden jar, a block gives way, causing Elaine to fall.
  • It had disks with a diameter of and was connected to a battery of Leyden jars to store the charge produced.
  • The end product is an advanced form of the 18th-century Leyden jar, which is the world's first device to store electricity.
  • Nollet is reputed to be the first to apply the name " Leyden jar " to the first device for storing electricity.
  • In another publication, he described an anonymous German author who, in 1780, prepared Leyden jars where melted sugar served as an insulator.
  • Several "'electrostatical devices "': batteries composed of leyden jars and electrical machines ( 1770 1800 ) that were used to generate electricity.
  • Charles Cavendish was also one of the early experimenters with the electrical storage device, the Leyden jar, which came to England in 1746.
  • In 1746, he showed that the capacity of the Leyden jar could be increased by coating it inside and out with lead foil.
  • The electric charge continued passing through a beaded iron chain, which acted as a conductor, to a Leyden jar that received the electricity.
  • He also investigated the Leyden jar, proving that the charge was stored on the glass and not in the water, as others had assumed.
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