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lexicography sentence in Hindi

"lexicography" meaning in Hindi
  • In lexicography, archaic means old-fashioned but in use.
  • The result of practical legal lexicography is called a law dictionary.
  • He is often regarded as the founder of English language lexicography.
  • Antedating is a key task in lexicography and a popular sport.
  • At this point Odendal had published several papers on the lexicography.
  • His main research areas are history of Romance languages and lexicography.
  • Modern lexicography regards itself as recording and reporting much more than prescribing.
  • Another branch of lexicology, together with lexicography is phraseology.
  • Of the project Ashmead said " we can make lexicography cool ".
  • Are there any decent online, free sources on lexicography?
  • Lexicography involves the documentation of words that form a vocabulary.
  • In lexicography, Sheidlower is an unusually public figure.
  • With Bhatta, the monotony of lexicography becomes the joy of academic discovery.
  • Definitions in lexicography can be broadly or narrowly circular.
  • His work on corpora was closely connected with their application for computer lexicography.
  • There is some disagreement on the definition of lexicology, as distinct from lexicography.
  • Lexicography shows American and British English differences in pronouncing " Taoism ".
  • Legal lexicography is not just about terms, but also about language and usage.
  • Crystal was awarded the indexing, and lexicography.
  • Let s face it, you are probably not trained in lexicology or lexicography.
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