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lexicology sentence in Hindi

"lexicology" meaning in Hindi
  • Another branch of lexicology, together with lexicography is phraseology.
  • Words as units in the lexicon are the subject matter of lexicology.
  • The work on computational lexicology quickly led to efforts in two additional directions.
  • He specializes in Biblical philology, historical lexicology and the philosophy of language.
  • There is some disagreement on the definition of lexicology, as distinct from lexicography.
  • Let s face it, you are probably not trained in lexicology or lexicography.
  • A prominent place in the Dmitriev's works held the questions of lexicology.
  • The dictionary was published by the Lexicology Centre.
  • Institute is active in academic fields of linguistics, lexicology, lexicography, grammar, and onomastics.
  • He was also a director of the Institute for Yiddish Lexicology at the City University of New York.
  • The " Vocabulary " is prepared by the Academy's Commission on Lexicology and Lexicography.
  • He participated on numerous domestic and international conferences ( onomastics, linguistic geography, lexicology etc . ).
  • English Language degrees may include the study of linguistics, sociolinguistics, philology and lexicology, among other subjects.
  • But lexicology is always fickle, especially in the most widely mis-used language in the world, English.
  • Rugova is an ethnographically diverse region, with great importance for the literary branches of lexicology, etymology and onomastics.
  • He was an expert on morphology, syntax, phonetics, lexicology, dialectology, and history of the Turkic languages.
  • The Department of Translation Technology ( TIM ) works with translation technology, speech recognition in language learning, terminology and lexicology.
  • The formal study of semantics intersects with many other fields of inquiry, including lexicology, syntax, pragmatics, etymology and others.
  • However, semasiology is also sometimes considered part of lexical semantics, a narrow subfield of lexicology ( the study of words ) and semantics.
  • Sometimes lexicography is considered to be a part or a branch of lexicology, but properly speaking, only lexicologists who actually write dictionaries are lexicographers.
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