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mooring mast sentence in Hindi

"mooring mast" meaning in Hindimooring mast in a sentence
  • Included at each site were helium storage and service, barracks for 228 men, power plant, landing apron, and a mobile mooring mast.
  • This tramway facilitated the transportation of an airship on the mooring mast to the airship hangar interior or to the flight position.
  • The mooring system for the " K "-ship was a high triangular mooring mast that was capable of being towed by a tractor.
  • Around 1925 she was considered for conversion to a mobile airship base with a mooring mast and fueling capabilities, but nothing came of this proposal.
  • During the " Golden Age " of airship travel ( starting in 1900 ), mooring masts and sheds were constructed to build and house airships.
  • The project included design adaptations for high temperature operation and desert climate, as well as a separate mooring mast and a very heavy mooring truck.
  • Taking off with only 30 cal ammo in the wing guns, Welch claimed two kills of Aichi D3A Val dive bombers over Ewa Mooring Mast Field.
  • Workers at Downtown Airport who were scrambling to protect planes reported that the blimp was straining against its mooring mast in the center of the airfield.
  • The blimp, which had been advertising the Loblaws grocery chain, while flying over the CNE, was toppled from its mooring mast and then cut to shreds.
  • The British airship R100 visited Canada in August 1930, overflying both Montreal and Toronto; a mooring mast was constructed and used only for this one occasion.
  • The Spanish seaplane carrier " D�dalo " ( 1922 1935 ) carried a mooring mast at the bow to cater for small dirigibles carried on board.
  • In 1932 a mooring mast and hangar were built at the camp for the dirigibles, but when the program was abandoned, the base was quiet again.
  • It was not the mooring mast that discredited the Empire State building; it was the investors leaping from windows and the apple sellers huddled around its base.
  • Four days after leaving Frankfurt on May 3, 1937, the luxury airship exploded as it approached the mooring mast at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey.
  • It was towed stern first from its very narrow shed, then gradually swung out of Cavendish Dock and attached to a mooring mast mounted on a pontoon.
  • The original contract was for steel hangars, long, wide and, helium storage and service, barracks for 228 men, a power plant, landing mat, and a mobile mooring mast.
  • The specification for the DN-1 provided for being capable of being moored to a mooring mast which had first been used with HMA No . 1 in 1911.
  • At 7 : 17, the wind shifted direction from east to southwest, and Captain Pruss ordered a second sharp turn starboard, making an s-shaped flightpath towards the mooring mast.
  • Around 1925 the Royal Navy considered the HMS Roberts for conversion to a mobile airship base with a mooring mast and fueling capabilities, but nothing came of this proposal.
  • As the airship was approaching the mooring mast, he noted that one of the engines, thrown into reverse for a hard turn, backfired, and a shower of sparks was emitted.
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