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mooring sentence in Hindi

"mooring" meaning in Hindimooring in a sentence
  • Writers more than most people retain their moorings to a place.
  • Both, it soon becomes clear, have lost their moorings.
  • It has a mooring station for one or two small sailboats.
  • American politics has drifted too far already from its public moorings.
  • A simple existence by the breakers helps her recover her moorings.
  • (Correspondents Robert Cadwallader and Susan Mooring contributed to this report.
  • The Moorings'Amsterdam-based lawyer Michiel Pestman conceded defeat.
  • Sail, tuna and lobster boats are lashed to harbor moorings.
  • But lately, the group seems to have lost its moorings.
  • Some of these could provide reverse thrust for manoeuvring while mooring.
  • His skill in mooring his ship at night was especially noticeable.
  • Mooring is available along sections of the canal at Maesbury Marsh.
  • The river has a long stretch of moorings above Cookham Bridge.
  • The island has a marina that provides mooring for small boats.
  • A Strong storm sank the ship at her moorings at Sandusky.
  • Private boats can also use the moorings there for mall access.
  • It has 1, 500 slips for the mooring of boats.
  • There is a considerable amount of mooring at the backwaters here.
  • Some kite stores sell stakes for kite anchoring ( mooring ).
  • The marina has 200 slips and mooring capacity for 35 boats.
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