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mooring mast sentence in Hindi

"mooring mast" meaning in Hindimooring mast in a sentence
  • When the Chrysler Building surpassed the Empire State Building in height, says Dunham-Jones, the Empire State Building's owners added the mooring mast for blimps and zeppelins to regain the title.
  • Bad weather forced the ship east over Finland, and they passed over Rovaniemi at 01 : 49 on 4 May . " Italia " reached the mooring mast at Vads?later that day.
  • Unfortunately, as the Hindenburg was completing a trans-Atlantic crossing in 1937, it was apparently struck by lightning, and before the ship even reached its mooring mast in Lakehurst, N . J ., it exploded.
  • Although unable to compete against contemporary Zeppelins, No . 9r provided valuable experience of handling a rigid airship and the use of mooring masts, which would evolve into a unique method of mooring airships.
  • On the evening of 3 April 1933, the " Akron " cast off from the mooring mast to operate along the coast of New England, assisting in the calibration of radio direction finder stations.
  • It was finally dismantled due to demand for shed space to allow construction of newer airships, having spent 198 hours and 16 minutes in the air, of which some 33 hours were at a mooring mast.
  • They soon arrived at Ewa Mooring Mast Field, which was being strafed by at least 12 Aichi D3A " Val " dive bombers of the second Japanese attack wave after expending their bomb ordnance at Pearl Harbor.
  • Finally, boldly and most impractically ( except perhaps as a piece of public relations and an esthetic flourish ), the dirigible mooring mast was added, pushing the building to 102 stories and a height of 1, 250 feet.
  • During the First World War, Masterman served in the Royal Naval Air Service, commanding the Farnborough Airship Station and working in several technical posts; during this time he invented and patented the airship mooring mast with Barnes Wallis.
  • In its heyday Pulham had its own hydrogen plant, one small and two large airship sheds ( one was later moved to Cardington base in 1930, the other was scrapped in 1948 ) and a permanent mooring mast.
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