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oberon sentence in Hindi

"oberon" meaning in Hindioberon in a sentence
  • Jochen Kowalski, a countertenor, is a strong, ominous Oberon.
  • When that happens, Oberon's demands and trickery make sense.
  • DUNNING But things get pretty passionate and conflicted for Titania and Oberon.
  • But De Luz was less an Oberon than a Puck.
  • And this human, unlike Oberon is a " horrid brute ".
  • Oberon has a low Bond albedo of about 14 %.
  • Oberon's accretion probably lasted for several thousand years.
  • Still, present knowledge of the evolution of Oberon is very limited.
  • In 1949 Oberon commissioned paintings of her mother from an old photograph.
  • Oberon is known to have been to Australia only twice.
  • Corwin is unsure whether this means that Oberon has succeeded or failed.
  • End of 2013 Oberon Microsystems released the final release 1.6.
  • For a number of years Barda follows Scott and Oberon on tour.
  • His students include Oberon's children Bleys, Brand and Fiona.
  • Deemed to be dangerous and unstable, he was imprisoned by Oberon.
  • This was the result of an experiment by Dr . Oberon Geiger.
  • Oberon leads all the fairies away with the changeling at his side.
  • He became interested in Science while at Oberon High School.
  • Oberon instructs love juice on the eyelids of the " Athenian man"
  • Oberon gives Guy a wand that he uses to dissolve the tower.
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