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obelisk sentence in Hindi

"obelisk" meaning in Hindi  
  • The Washington Monument, which is modeled on an Egyptian obelisk.
  • It runs the full height of the 555-foot obelisk.
  • He even visited Rome to get a glimpse of the obelisk.
  • We know that if the obelisk comes, customers will come.
  • The real obelisk is expected to be completed by June 2000.
  • Among other things, it said Italy would return the obelisk.
  • For decades Ethiopian officials have demanded the obelisk's return.
  • To dismantle the obelisk is a crime and it is senseless.
  • In 1881 the current marble obelisk was erected in their honor.
  • Today there is an obelisk in the city commemorating the battle.
  • The exact date when the obelisk was built is currently unknown.
  • All three countries can be seen from each of the obelisks.
  • The Pennsylvania National Guard later provided an obelisk for his grave.
  • Since 1955 the obelisk has been a Grade II listed building.
  • The obelisk is not the only Nelson memorial extant at Swarland.
  • Estimates of the combined height of the obelisk and base vary.
  • The obelisk activates and deflects the asteroid with minutes to spare.
  • At the center of the fountain is a pink granite obelisk.
  • A pair of obelisks usually stood in front of a pylon.
  • On the lawn of the Old Capitol sit two marble obelisks.
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