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oberon sentence in Hindi

"oberon" meaning in Hindi
  • Britten's Puck is pitiably under the power of Oberon.
  • In this case, Oberon feels sorry for the weaker person.
  • Anthony Dean Griffey, another tenor, was the steady Oberon.
  • It's bust-a-gut time for Oberon.
  • The name Oberon was derived from Umbriel, the year before.
  • Oberon arrives, and asks Corwin for some of his blood.
  • Oberon tells Corwin that the raven will follow him through shadow.
  • The compiler is written on Oberon-2 and compiles itself.
  • After leaving Oberon in 2011, she briefly worked at Zynga.
  • Scott befriended Brown's assistant, a dwarf named Oberon.
  • With her husband Oberon Zell-Ravenheart she designed deity images.
  • Oberon Mall is the first full format mall in the state.
  • He was nothing more than a mannequin controlled by Rupes Oberon.
  • I am at Evernight forest where you are to kill Oberon.
  • Act One opens with Oberon singing of his longing for Titania.
  • As Sabrina suffers in pain Moth reveals that she poisoned Oberon.
  • I have been working on the article on Oberon class submarines.
  • But Henry grew too old and Oberon and Titania banished him.
  • Better than the Olivier-and-Oberon tone poem?
  • Vicariously, Oberon will enjoy giving her what she wants,
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